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This page is meant as a Declaration of the relevant aspects of this analysis, for non-experts. Instead of the heavily-stained folio 1, it could be sent to the other part of the double leaf, the folio-8. Thus, the uncertainty or error in the measurement of the 14 C-share, however, is not the only consideration. This means that 68% of the probability curves of the 14 C content according to the calibrated year is between the two green. In a qualitative sense, the consistency is not but is clearly not quite as good as in the case of the Voynich MS. In particular, the radio-carbon-dating-process manner desribed above, the date of the parchment-creation, with a probability of 95%.. I was able to hopefully the text is understandable for people with different levels of knowledge about statistics. As this could be on a different stack of parchment, it was decided to have a sample of this thick, double-leaf. It should be kept in mind that the situation here is quite different than the above

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The Radio-Carbon Dating of the

The Radio-Carbon Dating of the

Radiocarbon Carbon-14 Dating Of

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In the following, the measured 14 C content of the four samples are shown by G. The above figures for the probability distributions for the individual films and the combination can not be distinguished optically from those in the internal publication. These values are all below 1, which indicates that the cleaning has apparently successfully, the post-WW2-contamination. May 2012. In this case, the mean and the standard deviation of the four measurements are 1435 and 26 years respectively. The radio-carbon Dating was carried out by the University of Arizona, and described in detail in an internal report. When an organism is alive, they tend to have the same ratio of 12 C and 14 C as its surroundings, as it is, in an equilibrium with this environment, because it feeds (breathe in the atmosphere, and the feeding of other organic Material). As a result, the 14 C content after 1950 is severely disrupted, and the year 1950 was set as the reference. Hodgins while in the Voynich MS-anniversary event at Villa Mondragone on may 11. The observed fraction of 0.9380 will no longer lead to a single point in time, but in a series of dates with a probability distribution, as shown below. This decay follows an exponential trend, so that after about 5700 years, only half of the original proportion of 14 C that remains. These leaves were bound together in a Band for centuries, and the book production is likely to have taken significantly less time than those of 50-60 years.

The Radio-Carbon Dating of the

Using Radiocarbon Dating to

The paper States that each of the individual measurements is substantially constant (at the level of uncertainty) with this average, which is statistically correct, even if it is not very intuitive, from the above graph. It was first summarised, mentioned during the press conference in the introduction, together with a summary of the chemical analysis of the dyes and pigments in the WOMAN, Unfortunately, in this event, a statement was made that the analysis had shown that the colours were applied immediately after the MS-creation, but this statement was wrong. A second complication is that, as from the second world war, nuclear detonations, large quantities of 14 C produced in the atmosphere, has nothing to do with the natural decay process. The results in terms of the 14 C content are shown below, with \\\”process-Code\\\” refers to different cleaning processes. It is an unknown period of time between the preparation of the parchment, and by the time the end of the author(s) began the application of the ink, and the other an unknown period of time for the author(s) of the work.. The effect of this can be visualized by the probability distribution of this measurement on the left side of the vertical fractional scale. The analysis was performed in the framework of an ORF TV documentary, and the public announcement was made during a press conference at 8. December 2009. A value greater than one could be considered impossible, but in practice, it means that the Vinland map was heavily contaminated by the post-WW2-mentioned nuclear tests, such as in the introduction. The normal carbon is not referred to, such as 12 C and the various carbon-14 C, in which 14 C-atoms are stable. The authors of these theories, then, either that the above result is wrong, or that the parchment still preserves must, unused, for a year or several centuries. In time, as the radio-carbon was released of dating, it was already clear that many of the proposed theories on the origin of the MS were highly incompatible with these results, and now I am aware of at least three new theories that propose the much more current dates must argue for the MS. The first sample resulted in a 14 C content of 1.0176. The uncertainy is expressed by the standard deviation (sigma) of the 14 C-fraction as a function of the calibrated age. At least, it was found that the parchment is drawn on the map, even before Columbus’ voyage to America. However, radio-carbon Dating is a very expensive procedure, and the MS should not be damaged too much, so it was agreed between the group and the promotion of research and the Beinecke library to use a maximum of four samples. It is not the copying of information from the internal report (unless specifically stated), but an independent explanation and calculation. The complication had not existed, a very simple and smooth curve allowed would have, to date, each of the Element contents based on 14 C-compared to the 1950 standard

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