Dating During The Coronavirus Pandemic

With the coronavirus pandemic spreading rapidly throughout the world, people everywhere are feeling the effects in practically every aspect of their lives. No longer can we go out to dinner or to the gym. Instead, we must rely on our own culinary skills and our workouts are in the middle of our living rooms. While this is all for the best, after all, we don’t want to contract or spread the coronavirus, it is still a bit of an inconvenience on our daily routines.

How Is The Coronavirus Affecting The Way We Date?

     One area of our lives that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting especially hard, is our social lives. We are social people and we thrive on human interaction. Something that is a definite no during the pandemic. With that being said, just how is the coronavirus affecting the way we date?

     It used to be that we would get a match on our dating app, chat a bit, do some light vetting and suggest meeting up for cocktails at a pub just down the street. Now, as a result of social distancing, self-isolation and government enforced stay at home rules, we are doing most of our online dating strictly online.

The New Dating World

     Still, there are some upsides to the situation. It’s brought long-distance couples together and singles are now dating dozens of people they’ll never meet. So, while many of us would date within our local proximity, a new dating world has temporarily opened up and we can date people from all over the world without feeling guilty that we might never actually meet up.

     The new dating world is being viewed by a society which is currently defined by virtual hangouts, working from home and social distancing. This has changed things for both couples in long-distance relationships as well as today’s singles looking for love. Remote working is giving people many more opportunities to date since many of the rules have changed. Date night is now date anytime. Schedule a date in the morning, one after lunch or one in the evening. With our open schedules and video chat, dates can be anywhere or any time you like, as long as you stay home.

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