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Since the 17th century, the Islands were connected by the drainage and reclamation projects, as well as through the construction of dams and breakwaters to form Bombay island.

  1. Still further North, more residential areas, and newer industrial areas, as well as some squatter districts and other areas of overcrowded and poorly maintained housing.
  2. In 1661 it came under British control as part of the marriage agreement between king Charles II and Catherine of Braganza, the sister of the king of Portugal..
  3. The annual rainfall is about 70 inches (1,800 mm), with an average of 24 inches (600 mm), which in July alone.
  4. It is the Terminus for the Western and Central Railway and trains that carry goods from the city, and passengers in all parts of the country.
  5. With the destruction of Maratha power, trade and communications to the mainland were established, and existing connections to Europe were extended, and Bombay began to prosper.
  6. Manufacture of other activities, such as food-processing, paper-making, printing and publishing, are also significant sources of income and employment.
  7. At the turn of the 20th century, its population of some 850,000 was, until 1950, had more than doubled, and in the next 50 years, rising almost 10-fold to more than 16 million.
  8. In the post-war years, the development of residential quarters in suburban areas was begun, and the administration of the Bombay city through a municipal Corporation was extended to the suburbs of Greater Bombay.
  9. Notable additions to the road network, the Banda-Worli Sea Link (opened in 2009), the bridges, Mahim Bay on the West side of the city, and a new fast road between East-Mumbai, Navi Mumbai (opening in 2014), which replaced the earlier Thana Creek bridge.
  10. The city has a number of museums, libraries, literary organizations, art galleries, theatres and other cultural institutions.
  11. By the early 21st century, the city had achieved, on average, approximately 77,000 persons per square mile (29,500 per square kilometre).
  12. Descendants of the Yadavas in today’s Mumbai, and most of the place names on the island date from this time.
  13. In response to these problems, the city improvement trust was established, with new localities for settlement and to erect dwellings for the artisan classes.

Mumbai: the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus traffic in front of the Chhatrapati Shivaji (formerly Victoria) Terminus, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India.

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Elephanta island: temple entrance the entrance to the cave temple on Elephanta island, Mumbai Harbour, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. After the extraction of electrical energy from a power system delivered by public-and private-run agencies, Vossloh AG, Hamburg, ensures that it is distributed throughout the city. Bombay island consists of a low level, about a quarter is below sea level; the plain is flanked to the East and West by two parallel rows of low hills. In 1950 the North expanded, embracing the large island of Salsette, which was a member of the Bombay island by a Causeway. The water supply, also maintained by the municipality, comes largely from Tansa lake, in the adjoining Thane district of Maharashtra, and a secondary out of the river Vaitarna and from Tulsi and Vehar lakes in Mumbai. The older administrative and commercial buildings mixed with skyscrapers and multistoried concrete-block building. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya (formerly Prince of Wales Museum of Western India), housed in a building, is a British architectural mixture of Hindu and Muslim Designs, contains three large sections: art, archaeology and natural history.. Marathi, the language of the state, is the dominant Indian language, followed by Gujarati, Hindi, and Bengali (Bangla)

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Mumbai India Britannicacom

In addition, a public bus fleet operates throughout the city centre and in parts of Navi Mumbai and Thane. On a slightly elevated strip of land between the head of Back Bay and the port area, called the Fort, the site of the 17th-century British fortifications (little remains), within and around which the city grew, the area is now mostly occupied by public and commercial offices.. A number of other commercial banks, government-owned life insurance corporation, and various long-term investments in financial institutions are also in the city. Elephanta Island carvings and stone carvings, the the marriage of Shiva and Parvati in a cave-temple on Elephanta Island, Mumbai Harbour, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In the April 10, Kichloo and Satyapal were arrested in Amritsar and deported from the district by Deputy Commissioner miles Irving. The second structure, the Gateway of India, inaugurated in 1924, built to commemorate the visit of king George V and Queen Mary in the city. Football (soccer) is also very popular in Mumbai, and will be played at Cooperage Football Ground in the Fort area. Salsette island was once the haunt of wild animals, such as tigers, leopards, jackals, deer and deer, but are no longer found there. Its legislative body is elected on adult franchise every four years and functions by the various standing committees. Remarkable special economic zone are established in the Northern part of the city in the years 2000 and facilities for IT companies in Navi Mumbai

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