Tamil Nadu state, India

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The average annual rainfall, falling mainly between October and December, depends on the southwest and northeast monsoons and ranges between 25 and 75 inches (630 and 1,900 mm) a year. Century, the Hindu Kingdom of Vijayanagar, the all of Tamil Nadu, came to the fore. The black cotton-potting soil known as regur is found in parts of the Central, west-Central and South-Eastern regions of Tamil Nadu. In addition, there are numerous arts and science colleges, medical colleges, engineering colleges, polytechnics and industrial training institutes. The rainy extension of the generally called dry-retreat monsoon, the northeast or winter monsoon. Woodpeckers and flycatchers are common forest birds; water birds find a Paradise on the Vedantangal refuge in the South-Central part of the state.

  1. Many farmers in Tamil Nadu also livestock, especially cows (especially for the dairy industry), poultry, goats and sheep.
  2. Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India time-lapse video of Madurai, a city in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu, with the shrines and pillars of the halls of the Hindu Meenakshi Amman (Minakshi-Sundareshwara) temple.

As a speaker of a Dravidian language of the Tamils, which are understood by the majority of the population, descendants of the early residents of India (called Dravidians), the danger C. Enclosed by Tamil Nadu along the North-Central coast are the enclaves of Puducherry and Karaikal, both of which are part of Pondicherry in the territory of the European union.. A special insurance program is available for those with autism, cerebral palsy and other developmental disorders. Tamil Nadu is also rich in arts and crafts, mainly brass, bronze and copper, ceramics, leather, handloomed silk, kalamkari (hand-painted fabric, using natural dyes), and the article, formed from carved wood, palm leaf and sugar cane. However, there are significant minorities of Christians and Muslims, with a large concentration of Christians, the far southern segment of the state. Members of the Scheduled Castes (an official category embracing the groups, the traditionally low Position to occupy within the caste system) make up about a fifth of the population. In the middle of the 14. to the South of between about 2000 and 1500 BC, when the Aryans (speakers of Indo-Aryan languages ) descended into the Indian subcontinent. A small community of Jains is in the Northern part of Tamil Nadu, in and around the cities of Arcot and Chennai.

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Along the Eastern side of the Western Ghats and in the hills of the Northern and middle districts, the life of the plant a mixture of evergreen and deciduous trees, some of which adapted to the markedly arid conditions.. Tourism is also an area of focus, with ongoing improvements in infrastructure, accommodations, restaurants, and cultural and leisure facilities. The Pandyas were mentioned in Greek literature, the from the 4. Century BC and in the 4. The history of Tamil Nadu from the mid-17th century to 1946 is the story of the British-controlled Madras presidency in relationship to the rise and decline of the British power in India. Century ce, the Roman Emperor Julian took a Pandyan Embassy. Other Dravidian languages, which belong within the state, Telugu is spoken by around one-tenth of the population, as well as Kannada and Malayalam are spoken by much smaller numbers. Other urban agglomerations belong to Coimbatore in Western Tamil Nadu, Madurai, in the South-Central region, and Tiruchchirappalli in the Central part of the state. Tamil Nadu the Tamil-speaking area, what was formerly the Madras Presidency of British India. The state has to a large extent the leprosy under control, although thousands of cases are still treated each year

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Other outstanding activities include the production of textile milling, food processing and the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, electronic components and equipment. The Chennai metropolitan region, the areas of industry, municipalities and villages surrounding Chennai city, has the largest population.

  1. During the 300 years of Vijayanagar rule, Telugu speaking governors and officials have been introduced in the administration.
  2. Because some of the river valley-projects for water on rain brought by the northeast monsoon, the government taps ground water sources.
  3. There are both touring and permanent cinema and sentimental and spectacular films, often with music and dancing, are produced by the film studios situated largely around Chennai.
  4. Tigers, leopards, and a lot of species of monkeys, including macaques, langurs, and lorises, also inhabit these areas.
  5. The broadest part of the Eastern plains is the fertile Kaveri (Cauvery river delta; farther South are the arid flatlands of the area surrounding the cities of Ramanathapuram and Madurai (Madura)..

It is bordered by the Indian ocean to the East and South and by the States of Kerala in the West, Karnataka (formerly Mysore) to the North-West and Andhra Pradesh in the North. Meenakshi Amman temple-Carved figures on the tower, the gate of the Meenakshi Amman (Minakshi-Sundareshwara) temple, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. Among the most remarkable of these is the protection of the Mudlumbai Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park in the Nilgiri Hills and the great, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park on the southern tip of the Western Ghats areas.

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