Going Deep – Finding Our “Becky”

I discovered friendship lately. This lesson originated from a really unlikely source. The origin – my mate, whom I have not met! The thing is, I’ve honestly battled with friendship a great deal through the years. Especially friendships along with other women. I increased up around boys. I rose trees, built forts, making dirt pies. I’ve always become along better with boys and men compared to women. I simply did not comprehend the complexities from the female relationships. After I get wed, we moved a great deal so friendships did not get the depth. As my pal Jen stated a week ago, we never reached know each other peoples “STUFF” – the great, unhealthy, and also the ugly of every other peoples lives.

It’s so vital that you have close female buddies. When I was lonely, pregnant, contributing to to maneuver again – 20 hrs away, I discovered an unlikely friend. With the glory of Facebook, I “met” and grew to become very close buddies having a college pal’s wife. She was pregnant at that time too. That common bond helped spur the friendship. In the last year, our friendship is continuing to grow deep. We’re not afraid to inquire about hard questions. We hold one another accountable. We’re understanding each other peoples “STUFF.” At some point, I really hope to satisfy Erin. She lives outdoors of Vancouver in Canada, about 3000 miles away. She’s a powerful lady of God who challenges me daily.

It’s so difficult to open, to become transparent, to visit deep. We frequently let anxiety about man keep our friendships in the surface level. We have to pray for friendships. Pray that God will bring women into our way of life which will hold us accountable. Women just to walk beside us and also at occasions carry us whenever we fall. My mother includes a closest friend, Becky. They met when Becky’s boy requested me, at 3, in the future to play. Through the years, their friendship is continuing to grow deep and powerful. They’re presently walking through Becky’s husband getting terminal cancer. They’re ever present for one another. As we have moved around, Mother has requested me if I’ve discovered my “Becky” yet. I understand I’ve discovered one “Becky” in Erin. I’m praying that God would grow a number of my new friendships in the past year here into local “Becky’s.”

How will you go deep in relationships? Everything begins with a word: “YES.” Agree that coffee date. Agree a grocery shopping. Agree a women’s meeting. Agree that Pampered Chef party. Connect via social networking. Send emails. Become familiar with one another. It will not happen overnight, but with time, you will start to go deep. You’ll find individuals who are prepared to walk-through your “stuff” along with you, individuals who are prepared to assist you to come to be the lady God wants you to definitely be.

Jane Doe
As a certified relationship expert with over a decade of experience, Jane shares her insights on everything dating-related. Her candid approach to the highs, lows, and everything in-between makes her blog a trusted source for dating advice.