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Krystal Jung Soo-Jung - AsianWiki

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Krystal Jung Soo-Jung - AsianWiki

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Krystal Jung Soo-Jung - AsianWiki

  1. I love the role of Krystal, Bo na to play in The heirs soo cuuuteeee and charming.Keep up the Good works:):).
  2. Try to leave some constructive criticism, because they give the atmosphere of a raging 10 years old..
  3. 0 Fan, it means I love you.:D.
  4. It is in their nature to act cool, to be honest, and we don’t say anything no matter what other people say, as long as you hurt someone.
  5. It appeared in three different versions: a limited edition type a with A DVD, limited edition type B and a regular edition.
  6. You’re one of my best Korean idol and I hope that you can visit the Philippines and I am very excited for your next project(drama or a sitcom), and album by f(x).
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Why have you not Suzy or one of the hundreds of other kpop girls who are much more talented, beautiful, a sweet attitude and not conceited as shit Krystal choose? Umm, forward parts that you are in. Unnie, I like you unnie, u never dissapointing me in on your Drama, you are Large in the act, Oh no, you are The best for me, unnie, I wish you all tge best unnie, I wish you a lot of drama, I’m really, really your fan, not just a Fan, but I’m not her.

I was immature, me only a year ago, and now I’m 13 and I refrain myself from bashing anyone what so ever. Only goes to say how professional she is, and she is continue to work very hard (or even too much) in order not to disappoint their fans and prove haters wrong. TBH, I think everything u do is perfect and I really wanna be like u:) I love ur band f(x) and the concert with jessica (tik tok) LOVE, & Although the act clearly new, I think she has quite a lot of potential – so far she has shown a lot of versatility with her acting roles, and her latest role as a Sena in my lovely girl is captivating.. She’s not smiling because she thinks she looks ugly when she smiles, so that’s why you always have a serious face. Wow people have a problem, the hate on the gorgeous krystal to be honest, I don’t like them very much because they act real, all the fake in Front of the camera, to get attention, like other idols who try tend to be all sweet in Front of the camera 99% of the time hard. She’s def my bias – talented (great dancer, model, natural, imo) not the typical female idol esp bec you can be charming, nice, hot, and gorgeous effortless; she looks good on anything. I like how their fans are so quick to defend your honor or whatever, but with an excuse like blood blank for the search annoyed, doesn’t make it okay. Dude, people know that if someone repeatedly call ugly, it’s called bullying and hazing, because they actually believe they are ugly. I, too, would people like to have a couple of questions; What is the reason for the comments is to criticize in a negative and not constructive

I know u r now busy,together with the other fx members, the on u guys new album, but please do a drama this year. You’re so beautiful, not to solve but halo loung I think that she is a lesbian, but Oh well she loved in the heirs and my lovely girl in the heirs, she did as fall. I like it. Also there is at least one Kpop would be an idol, gets haters, but you don’t have to go so far just to hate on you, you know. I bet it’s not hard to play their role, since they naturally like that though, skip the bitchy side haha.

  1. So Saranghaeyo Krystal.look forward to your next drama, as I watch heart go Rum Pum Pum Pum wants.
  2. Hwuaiting! I love the role of Krystal, Bo na to play in The heirs soo cuuuteeee and charming.Keep up the Good works:).
  3. She also works really hard, she fainted on the stage again to perform because Sm forced her to, although she felt comfortable with.
  4. She seems to be cold, because all those who hate crap article on the search for attention and money or even.
  5. Eli said that Krystal is fucking awesome, but not perfect, because nobody is perfect (especially not people like you).
  6. Dont comment something stupid that you know people will say something about you.
  7. Be strong and keep your acting skills.
  8. But, as always, love the heirs so far.
  9. Gossshhhhh.
  10. She is so super cute and a beautiful girl, I like you so much, I’m so idolized him very much, I love you.
  11. You are a great actress, I enjoyed your movie of the heirs of u were great and funny,I loved my lovable girl,the movie was perfect, because the rain was ur lead man,I love him, too.
  12. I want to played love to be like you cuz ur so nice and funny, and OMG I have ur ENG;) U are very good in the heirs:) and in High kick 3:D I’m the type u love to act and I think ur sis and u are the greatest people eva..
  13. Search results of YouTube will be first converted, then you can downloaded the file, but the search results can be downloaded from other sources immediately as an MP3 file without any conversion or forwarding.

I like this girl after watch the heir and her English speaking skill, wow two tumbs up for you.:-):-).

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