How You Can Love Your Guy

Loving your guy may come naturally, should not it? Yet we’re all frustrated because despite the fact that we bend over backwards to like our man in the manner that we believe love… he leaves us or he just doesn’t appear to know and appreciate our passion for him. Can there be something we all do wrong in the manner we like our men? How will you love your guy so that he’s happy and satisfied within the relationship?

1. Be comfy being you.

Give AND receive positive feedback! Which means that you will be able to compliment and encourage your guy without feeling like you do an excessive amount of or that it’s unwarranted… it is a key method of loving your guy. You shouldn’t flatter him by telling him that which isn’t true… however, you should notice what he is doing well and verbalize that! Whenever you appreciate and encourage your guy he feels loved and looked after.

It’s also wise to have the ability to receive compliments and encouragement out of your man without you feeling the necessity to deflect the compliments by explaining them. As he recognizes that he enables you to happy he then feels helpful and loved within the relationship. Should you deflect or minimize his compliments and encouragement he then seems like you’re rejecting him… and making them feel unloved.

Communicate with him! To like your guy you have to be in a position to easily start conversations, hold your personal within the conversation and finish the conversation without undue stress or shame… and without getting angry and shouting at him… it doesn’t matter how angry or frustrated you might be. This does not imply that you should not get angry… it simply means you need to express your anger in a way he listens to you. Whenever you shout and scream he shuts lower… and withdraws of your stuff in hurt anger… and feels unloved and rejected. When you are able comfortably simply tell him just what is upsetting him… after which leave so he is able to digest and understand your anger than you develop a bridge to him that they can mix over on if then he apologizes or makes amends.

2. Love yourself.

Be truthful about your feelings. To like your guy you have to be in a position to disagree with him without feeling the necessity to apologize or minimize your feelings. Being passive and saying yes with him simply to keep your peace doesn’t build his passion for you personally. Loving your guy means being in keeping with your dreams, priorities and feelings. While you remain in keeping with yourself then you’ll be able to love him even much deeper than whenever you deny what you are.

Jane Doe
As a certified relationship expert with over a decade of experience, Jane shares her insights on everything dating-related. Her candid approach to the highs, lows, and everything in-between makes her blog a trusted source for dating advice.