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I like Gong Hyo Jin, she is cute, I’m your fan here in the Philippines, I am hoping that another Korean drama, the year is 2017. Thank you for working to life the character of Gong Shil in Masters sun, and the same to your other. She is so amazing. Liked your act, just as in the biscuit teacher and Star Candy, volcano High, Thank you, etc., Zo In-Sung, Its Okay, that’s love, So Ji Sub of Master’s Sun and Cha Seung Won of the highest love. Love you so much, in Its order, The is the love the chemistry you have with Zo In-Sung soo was stunning and very natural.. I saw the interview of them during the KBS drama awards, where Yumi is always Eric’s not asking for help, if you know, how she helped to continue their sentences, and Eric a lot to her. I said to myself, really, the Indians will not like it.but I watched the serial on the first day, omg really I’m impressed and relaxation felt in me. I love her in the shows and movies that you are done and can’t wait to see what projects you into the future. They found Australia was the right place for you, to nourish the dreams and returned to South Korea. She was first interested in fashion design while in their Teens and flew to Australia with her mother and brother to pursue this goal

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Maybe it’s because I tend to rush things, and when I’m faced with difficulties, I have trouble to overcome them\\\”, he said. So, I think that this is perhaps the reason why the girls love him easily.By by the way, I don’t’ be surprised if Gong Yoo and Yumi real cpuple though. A nice warm bowl of soup and a crackling fire on a cold day are just as satisfying as fireworks. I am hoping for another drama series for Gong Hyo Jin.I don’t think you will have more this year because you are busy with your two Film.I want to see you again with So Ji-Sub.I think you have a good chemistry.SoGong is love. JIS is a pretty perfect partner to u since ur chemistry with him is so natural in acting and I hope that you hehe together in real life.You are the best drama couple ever. Best Couple.Gong Hyo Jin is one of the Best actress that I admire.. You looked in The Greatest love.Quickly fall love game with her cute charm and excellent acting. To speak then, Apple Daily caught her outside her apartment late into the night in his car, including a nice touch where you stroked his nose with her finger. The drama he is currently with Puff ‘ s band mates (Tia Li), Fall In love With Me, he interacts the same way with Tia. I hate drama, but when I started watching the greatest love, I was addicted to it in addition to PASTA, I have yet to find the personal lives of its leading men (Lee Sun-Gyun and Cha Seung Won), but they are family fathers. ‘Thank you’ (One of the best all-round dramas ever!!!), ‘Biscuit teacher’ and ‘Pasta’ (just to name a few), there are heart beauties playing next to her, slowly disappearing from view to work as soon as your character begins to knock their delicate magic on you. Then tabloid Apple Daily faithful to speak snapped pictures of them at the same time, in his car outside her apartment until late in the night and very affectionate with each other. bae soo-bin). Always excited for your new project, one of the Best actress from Korea,but you’re my only favorite. And although I like most of the stories, I don’t see why you enjoy the roles that you create could a weak, stupid and naive kind of girl, that certain images about them.? Please writers, let olive have the characters be more clever and edgier. You saw on the first jealousy Incarnate, and only a simple body twitching ina simple scene, you got me hooked and since she has left me in awe of their skills. I think I also downloaded pictures of him was already hook on aaron yan, I have on my phone (2nd time I did it 1

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Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with

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Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with

Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with

Aaron Yan Celebrates Turning 28 with

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  1. This does not mean that she will marry soon, but only time will tell, not now, it denials is still fast all around you.
  2. Watch Embody jealousy, but will always remember your performance Thank you as your best work.
  3. I watched almost all your dramas and movies, and still, you to watch over and over again.
  4. All your Film-excellence, due to their good performance in acting in all aspects of the role in the Film.
  5. I love you so much, a really really great and cool actress.
  6. I look forward to your new drama, It’s Okay, It’s love, because I am curious how you bring your character to life.
  7. The K-stars Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi rumor to deny today, and both stars mutual Agency released an official response, the rumor had been swept up in a wedding..
  8. Haha.

I’ve just drama shows from your contry like stairs in the sky, The Baker king, temptation of wife, Dongyi, etc., I can say, she is my favorite actress, if you consider the fact that I tend to follow actors, but the male actors.

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