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But to ask his own chagrin, the head scholar of dry, whether he is involved in some newfangled cheating scheme of his own — the back of his Robe were marked by someone else’s brush. A lot of questions of his casting in the main role, which is very risque, considering this is his first time. He was the least known of the four main characters, but I felt that he would be the strongest and the most charismatic — he has a really fantastic ability to be a chameleon, and his dark assassin role in Strongest Chil Woo proved that he would be able to take this careless rebel character and make him intriguing. Yong-ha sighs of boredom, he thought Sun-joon would have more of a fight, the disappointed, almost, to stop him so quickly.. Uh-oh. No better way to justify an extreme premise as a saddle, the heroine with a sick brother and the poor family, right. How Yoo Ah expected,-in is just super in his role. I am very glad that not only are these characters not all know each other, you know not even like each other, particularly with the curious sabotage between Yong-ha and Sun-joon. Lol. There are enough similarities, the comparisons are understandable, like the part where the girl is forced to cross-dress, to pay a debt. He beats the hell out of the girl in the team of beauty. Let’s wait until his character, Lee Soon Jun, gradually changes(from dry to outgoing) after hanging out with Kim Yoon Hee for a long time. In a panic, you realize reconsults her diagram and drawing, only that Sun-joon is confused, with a tiny dot on his upper lip, for Wang, with his huge mole

And that doesn’t mean he has to act OUT and Big, but it was more passion to his acting. For now. Her mother has found her materials, and asks you if you caught realized the severity of their crimes, if. He appears in front of her, with interest, and says, shockingly, you need not worry, because he has something \\\”.\\\”.. He has collected hair from the most brilliant minds, and Sun-joon to make his good-luck talisman complete. He told Wang that he is, you hate depending on chance, not effort, and cooling says, “I don’t care if me. The darker aspects of the policy, which is a nice counter-weight to the lighter fluff of the romance. He reminds me of the Valmont character in \\\”Dangerous liaisons\\\” (or-for the younger people out there, the Sebastian in cruel intentions ). I think they held their own well, and although I did not tell you to do is the best actress, this kind of role, I’m okay with it

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Day6 Profile Updated!

Day6 Profile Updated!

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Since I have no idea when I will be able to actually see it in this moment, so much work piling up, your summary is the saving grace for me. It is Yong-ha, who catches her in his arms and looks at her quizzically (and confirms his earlier hunch about her gender). I think what I miss is the spark of charisma that the other characters — his Sun-joon is a great character, and I enjoy the setup, where he cut himself from everyone with his superior ways. But Sun-joon, always be aware of the danger lurking, refuses to loosen its grip and holds you tight. It calls for an advance for the next exam, but Hwang turns her down, everyone is nervous from the last exam fiasco. Not only is it illegal, would you go against your own moral code, and \\\”this is not something what should do a man.\\\”. He is the student body President and son of the war Minister — an ambitious, humorless sort who commands a clique of toadies. Immediately, she thinks this is some kind of trick that he’s playing in retaliation (and she still thinks he’s Wang), so she dashes outside. The stupid duo offer clumsy proposals, such as the setting of a gang of thugs, but soo sees the smarter Yong-ha for a solution. You look every bit as rough-and-tumble as the gang, this mysterious guy drawls that he likes to sleep in peace. For example, his classmate Wang puts a sophisticated plan with splashed eggs to ten strands of his hair.. The whole world waited to ride on him is missing, and the most foolish man is the one who has a wisdom of its own. It is actually a trap to frame the exalted Sun-joon with the banned book, and you have the Royal police on the alert to catch him in the act. Payment is due today, and your mother asks for your understanding and promise to pay the money back, somehow. In fact, I thought, if I had to pick a show that most seemed to be on similar, I would look Tamra the island for the tone

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