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In addition, a Cat scan and MRI-Scans identified joints and traced tendons throughout the length of the fossil. However, if you witness a closer look at some of these findings, one has to ask how they were created, a relatively primitive people with very primitive tools. Modern psychiatry seeks to demonize and declare mentally ill anyone who deviates from what is considered the norm. The tablets were first seen and recorded by father Simon, a Jesuit missionary, accompanied Pizarro in 1525. Discoveries that the majority of archaeologists and Egyptologists would dismiss as chance or coincidence, and banish them from your thoughts, as to acknowledge, it would require the renunciation of your current beliefs and re-evaluate their whole ethos. According to conventional academia, dinosaurs roamed the earth between 65 and 225 million years ago, whereas the earliest upright erectus bipedal humanoid, homo, appeared only about 1.8 million years ago. Mathematical knowledge, which, according to conventional understanding of the Egyptian civilization, they do not possess.. Finance available. If you consider that this chamber is constructed of huge granite blocks weighing up to 80 tons, together with the fact that the Egyptians did not ask about tools to measure with such accuracy, one has to, as she had managed so remarkable accuracy. This is the number 3.1415. This may seem insignificant, until you realize that the number Pi, a formula that is not recorded in ancient Egyptian writings or texts, and is believed to have been completely unknown. Our cars go through extreme testing to ensure that they are 100% and certified master cars. Everything that is claimed by Egyptologists regarding this pyramid is based on nothing more than a single brand found, which is proposed in an interior of the designation of a work gang (or so). Roadwo. Carved from a massive lump of granite with such precision in his creation can’t be replicated today, even with our modern machining methods. However, the dimensions of the Great pyramid to prove itself beyond all doubt, who built it, either the knowledge of the metric system or the knowledge of complex mathematical formulas. The service program is embodied for sure a modern, comfortable car-sunbeds-design, so that you that you have a pleasant journey with ease. Extra large main and rally tent zip-on / roll-main tent can tent is a must, it makes for a family

Used Cars for Sale in Klerksdorp

If you draw a circle with a diameter of one Meter, 1-sixth of the circumference of this circle is equal to 0.5236 of a Meter. In General, it is only in the case of nuclear Test sites, the glass has been excavated at various archaeological excavations as far as Gabon, Africa, the Gobi desert and Scotland. With a background in the area of mechanical engineering, Dr Kong immediately recognized that what he was looking for, was in fact a battery. More than that, though, we would suggest that this scenario has occurred only once, but on a number of previous occasions; in fact, what we see is a cyclical pattern, a pattern that has characterized, over the face of a dark dial of human history. Yet from birth one is the one or the other of the above-mentioned groups, indoctrinated, with no questions or alternative opinions allowed. They were found to be made of a nickel-steel alloy which does not occur naturally, and is of such a composition includes any meteoric origin.. A different formula is used to arrive at this figure by Pi minus Phi-square, the result is an identical 0.5236. About 600 meters wide and 90 meters high, the building was originally thought to be a natural formation, which on its discovery almost 10 years ago. There are very few historical records, and also less-known facts about these amazing structures

A number that reveals when, shocked and amazed, their explorers and scientists and mathematicians around the world.. However, when you consider that thousands upon thousands of these anomalous artefacts have been discovered and reported over the years, then you may need to re-evaluate, those that decrease the integrity of mainstream archaeology and science. The tablets are not just anomolies: you can open a Pandora’s box of questions and challenge everything we have learned about our past.

  • Opposite the hole, the skull is broken, and the reconstruction of the fragments show the skull was shattered from the inside out, like from a gunshot wound.
  • Could it be that a handful of survivors emerged from the ruins of a nuclear Apocalypse, and then over thousands of years, slowly rebuilt civilization.

A is composed of a solid bluish metal with flecks of white, hollowed out of the other and filled with a spongy white substance. This conclusion is found based on the discovery of a pictograph of a forearm, engraved on an old elle. Forensic experts who have examined the skulls all agree that the brain damage could only projectile through a high-speed. To do so would be to admit that you used completely wrong about our origins, and consequently, is invalid, all the text-books, to indoctrinate us and our children. The Austin-Healey Sprite, introduced in 1959, continues the collaboration between Austin and the Donald Healey Motor Company and took further advantage of the massive British Motor Corporation parts bin.

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