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Secret Bases Part 4 SECRET

  1. Not to mention another great system in Wales, the famous Army Training Area (ATE) is to the North of Sennybridge.
  2. However, if you have access to the University of Edinburgh: Edina Digimap system on a higher education campus, you can.
  3. One of the Burlington passenger elevators is visible as a large, grass-covered hill Rudloe Manor fence on West wells street.
  4. The stop-mode, is the use of the slip roads in the usual way just by filtering off the main roadway to the left and Drop down on the Fosse Way.
  5. But in October 2007, I came across some amazing documents on North Wiltshire District Council (NWDC) completely from the public website.
  6. The Theydon Bois secret-junction Railways for the use of the car-Agency maintenance vehicles and stray vehicle truck.
  7. It has been suggested that the government of the new backup place of taxes in the event of a national emergency.
  8. In March 2007, I discovered that some fascinating written evidence from the Scottish campaign for Nuclear disarmament (Scottish CND, SCND), submitted to the Committee for the defense of, been published, and the British Parliament the official website..
  9. No – it is up to the Defence Communications Services Agency ‘ s Basil Hill HQ location within the barracks, which sits comfortably on the top of the Box Tunnel.
  10. on the Ordnance Survey 1:2500 scale data, which is 10 times the Details of the publicly available 1:25000 series Maybe everything is explained when you consider the fact that the large connection of the building to the North of the A2 at the junction Nackington road and Merton Lane, where the access road leads directly.
  11. Once you are done surfing in this part, all you have to do is click on the buttons at the bottom of this page to move on to the other parts.
  12. Welford ceases to be an RAF base, when it was converted into the largest ammunition storage facility in Europe.
  13. It was in the year 2003 through The valley (Pembrokeshire) Limited, a company conversion, the whole page is in a business park and devotes a lot of bunkers for the storage of high value property, and the data for the clients MORE exits are to be not displayed on either the 1:50000 or 1:25000 scale OS maps and you don’t even get marked.

Take advantage of my special graphics to reveal overlays, all of those, Burlington Bunker notes on ground-level: two escalator shafts, two passenger elevators and a freight Elevator.

  1. MORE The Aberporth site sits in a stunning cliff-top location, point, among others, exclusively from the bird’s-eye view of my contribution with a pilot’s licence..
  2. It seems reasonable to assume that in times of high traffic load, the intersection of police and other emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire appliances.
  3. To create the theme of the underground bases, is the whole area around Corsham in Wiltshire, a network of underground tunnels and quarries.
  4. By the spring of 2007, the boards had been removed from the Windows of the metropolis building and replaced with warning signs belonging to a private company to patrolling security guards.
  5. Not surprisingly, small outposts of the JSMTC (\\\”Wings\\\” – JSMTW) can be found in the Scottish Highlands.
  6. The official entrance is in the North of Welford village, Poughley farm, near Chaddleworth, on the site of a 12th century priory.
  7. Phase II of the programme of work is the Integration of the Phase I devices with sophisticated alarm systems.
  8. It is owned and staffed by the NSA, America’s National Security Agency, and they referred to it as Station F83 in the past.
  9. The amazingly detailed planning documents contain the exact coordinates of the tower positions, complete with architect drawings.
  10. But it is little more than a half a mile long, has no crossings at all, and is hiding a base in an old RAF.

In December 2005, the government has finally, officially out of operation Burlington and the BBC were all (well almost full!) Access with their cameras.

After ten years of planning and negotiations, in 2009 the southern part of the RAF Rudloe Manor to the ground was through the ark of the continuity in the first phase of Spring Park Data centre campus\\\”, named after the spring quarry, the houses of the Burlington Bunker. On 7. Stealth coating Dock, Click for more Pilot’s Eye views of Secret bases Pilot’s Eye close-up view: view to the East over RAF Fairford’s B-2 Stealth Bomber upgrades in September 2007. At the beginning of 2008, Yahoo Maps with different relative air recordings (I-cubed ) shows was another B-2 in a similar position in the vicinity of the hangar. Because of this control, the British deputies, trying to ask questions in Parliament about the base just came in front of a wall.

  • QinetiQ suspended operations in Llanbedr at the end of 2004 and formally the base handed over to defence Estates for disposal in the spring of 2005, with the loss of almost 150 jobs..
  • In the 1980s, Walker reported that the ground under Daws Hill would, in fact, humming and buzzing with activity.

Yet in the pilgrim-way-to-country, but more in the direction of the Kent coast, consider the A2 from London to Dover trunk line in the vicinity of Canterbury. In December 1992, a new emergency-command bunker-Codename \\\”Pindar was officially opened for business, according to the MoD’s HQ in Whitehall.

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