A Technique That Centres On Submission and Dabbles In Bodily Alteration through Orgasm-Denial- Chastity

The most common image of a chastity belt comes from the Middle Ages. When artists frequently depicted women wearing metal underwear fastened with a lock that only their husbands or fathers had the key to. It was a completely messed up approach to restrict women’s libido back then, yet it turns out that chastity belts […]


Erotic Literature or Porn Viewing Is Much Safer

There is prevailing conception porn destroys viewers, performers, and real-world couples. But if one views porn responsibly, legally, ethically, and in moderation, it has no adverse psychological, physical consequences but can provide a positive impact on a marital, romantic, or sexual relationship. It can induce low-risk sexual pleasure, open communication about fantasies, and erotic interests. […]


Why are men who do not watch porn regarded as kinder and being better lovers?

There’s a difference between consuming porn and becoming consumed by porn. While most porn lovers have been consumed by porn, other men who do not watch porn are regarded as kinder and more attentive in relationships. Not seeing porn is now becoming a criterion in knowing a better lover. The reason behind this is that […]