A Technique That Centres On Submission and Dabbles In Bodily Alteration through Orgasm-Denial- Chastity

The most common image of a chastity belt comes from the Middle Ages. When artists frequently depicted women wearing metal underwear fastened with a lock that only their husbands or fathers had the key to. It was a completely messed up approach to restrict women’s libido back then, yet it turns out that chastity belts […]


Erotic Literature or Porn Viewing Is Much Safer

There is prevailing conception porn destroys viewers, performers, and real-world couples. But if one views porn responsibly, legally, ethically, and in moderation, it has no adverse psychological, physical consequences but can provide a positive impact on a marital, romantic, or sexual relationship. It can induce low-risk sexual pleasure, open communication about fantasies, and erotic interests. […]