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Differences between dating and a relationship

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Yes, you read that correctly. There’s a difference between dating and relationship, and it’s a very good one. Usually this is where the confusion starts. A relationship is like a roller coaster. At first you’re scared to climb it, but once you’ve done it, it’s thrilling and exciting at the same time. But not everything is fun once you get to the top. Navigating through the different stages of a relationship can be confusing and not easy. Especially when it starts out as a casual date, there’s always a million questions and concerns that forever confuse you and ask, “Where are we?

Are you confused as to whether it’s still casual between the two of you or has it gotten serious? Those butterflies in your stomach keep fluttering, not because love makes you giddy, but because you’re nervous and need answers.

The transition from a date to a relationship is difficult and confusing, but also huge. You can’t read the other person’s mind and you’re too scared to ask questions, but you still have a lot of worries about the whole relationship. When are you ready to be exclusive? question, and you don’t want to scare them off when things are just starting to sizzle between the two of you between dating and being boyfriend and girlfriend? In short, dating is just one important step that may or may not lead to a relationship. The transition from dating to relationship obviously doesn’t happen overnight. Well, maybe it happens pretty fast in a girls’ movie or a romantic comedy, but real life has its own slow place. It takes a while for your emotions to develop and you realize that you have found the person you were looking for all along. At what point does the difference between a date and a relationship stop mattering because

turns on and the same? When do you know it’s this and now there’s no other way but up in this relationship?

Well, there are some stages in the dating relationship that can help you understand this much better. While they can vary from relationship to relationship, broadly they include and are commonly seen

First date: You’re having a great first date. You both have a great conversation and want to go out another time because you enjoy each other’s company so much. More dates follow: They enjoy spending time together and decide to go on more dates. This is the infatuation stage where you feel the need to see her all the time.

Comfort Zone: Things are going very well between the two of you. They feel comfortable and face each other. You even start spending time together at home and you no longer worry about impressing the other person

Love blossoms: you realize that you are in love with this person and it’s not enough for you, just casually hanging outhits is where the difference between a date and a relationship really starts to affect you. You’re in a relationship – you both feel exactly the same about each other and decide to take it to the next level and boom! Congratulations, you are in a complete relationship.


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