What is Polygamy relationships and Steps to Make it Successful?

With the introduction of online Polygamy Dating, more people are open about monogamy today. That is the reason we see that more and more people are meeting their partners online. Monogamy is the most common relationship that we all share, but as time progresses, a new term has been coined known as polygamy relationships. In this, an individual can have more than one partner.

Poly Dating are further divided based on hierarchy, meaning individuals give importance based on their priorities. Types of partners in polygamy relationships:

  • Primary- In this, the primary partner has the most importance. This person can be the one with whom you have children.
  • Secondary- The secondary partner doesn’t hold importance as compared to primary partners. 

Types of polyamorous relationships

Polyamory is not similar to monogamy in things are limited to one person. It is dynamic and can take any form depending on the requirements of the individual. Polyamory is a relationship in which a couple seeks out other relationships other than the primary one with proper consent. Polyamory is further divided based on the number of partners. Some of them are discussed below:


As the name suggests, triad refers to relationships between three people. But this doesn’t mean that all individuals are living together.


As the name suggests, this is a relationship between four people. This generally happens when two couples meet and get involved emotionally and sexually.


This term is coined when the relationship involves a group of people. So, for example, it could include you and your primary companion, your secondary partner, or your primary partner’s primary and secondary partners, and so forth.

With all that said, there are some points to consider to make Polyamory-relationships successful:

  • Always Establish Rules and Boundaries- It is always advised to set the rules beforehand to not complicate your relationships.
  • Support Each Other Emotionally and Sexually- As a responsible partner, you must support your partner if they need you.
  • Avoid Any Types of Comparison- Do not compare your partner with anyone, as it will make your relationships worse.
  • Express Your Needs and Feelings- It is always a good idea to express what you want from a relationship so that your partner can fulfill that.

Last words

It is important, to be honest with your partner and yourself about your feelings for a happy relationship. It is always a good idea to have good communication between all parties and clear boundaries.

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